Long Range Locators

Welcome to the Geotech LRL page, one of the most popular, and certainly the most controversial, sections of this site. This is the only place on the web where you can learn what the LRL manufacturers don't want you to know: the whole truth about longe-range locators. From the early Anderson LRLs with their "chemical power loads", to the "electronic" MFDs sold by Kellyco and others, to the latest multi-thousand-dollar offerings by Fitzgerald, LRLs consistently have one thing in common: dowsing. But can any of them physically locate gold, silver, or any other material? You can find out here.

For first-time visitors, try starting with some of the product reports -- looking inside an LRL is a great way to see what the industry is all about. Also take a look at the LRL Q&A article, which covers a broad range of commonly discussed topics. If you own an LRL and want to learn for yourself how it really works, look at some of the test-related articles. And finally, if you've always wanted to try an LRL, but were discouraged by the high prices, there is a construction article for building a simple MFD-type LRL, guaranteed to be every bit as good as anything you can buy!

If you have a high level of investment in LRLs, either financially or psychologically, then learning the truth may be discomforting, perhaps even depressing. For those who are not ready for this, I urge you to click the "Back" button, and bail out now. If you don't like what you read, blame the LRL manufacturers, who made LRLs the way they are.