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Request for Help

The picture above shows the Dell System VR-800 long-range locator. As my report shows, this is basically a $2000 piece of junk. Unfortunately, I believe it is representative of the entire long-range industry. That is, all of the units currently being sold are nothing more than some inexpensive simple circuitry wrapped in a fancy-looking package, all of which does absolutely nothing.

I would like to do more "engineering" reports on other LRLs, but at the prices being charged there is no way I can buy them all. If you have an LRL and would be would like to know what's really inside, or you would like to warn other potential buyers as to what they will get, please contact me. I will gladly accept loaners and outright donations, or I am willing to trade my own "guaranteed" LRL for yours, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

If loaning a unit is something you would consider but have doubts about it, please contact me and let's discuss it. I can provide references or we can work out some sort of monetary guarantee.

Thanks to all,