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All of the pages for The Geotechnology Page have been meticulously designed and laid out using the latest version Microsoft Notepad. That's right, I'm still in the dark ages with regard to the fancy web page tools that are now available, but I don't care. It is not my goal to produce awesome graphically-bloated web pages that take so long to load you can watch life evolve. Rather, I want to have basic, attractive pages that convey useful information.


I have the dilemma of figuring out how to produce web versions of technical articles which tend to be loaded with mathematical equations and figures. I could do these in HTML as well, with all equations and figures becoming graphic images that load slowly and don't always print out the way you would like. Or I could present them as Acrobat files which are portable, scalable, and make beautiful prints. Considering the HTML route would take me the rest of my life to do, the choice was easy: Acrobat.

Therefore, if you want to view much of the info provided in these pages you will need a copy of Acrobat installed on your system. Acrobat is free from Adobe and is very easy to install. All of my links which point to PDF files also include the size of the PDF file as part of the description so that you will know how big it is. Most articles are saved as 300 dpi for best resolution, but many also include a 150 dpi version that makes for a much smaller file to download. The 150 dpi resolution only affects graphic images in the article. Although PDF files are a little slow to download, they are no slower than an HTML file loaded with images. Plus, you can save the PDF file to your hard drive and reload it anytime. Pretty slick.

Also, the code for these pages is dynamically generated by Perl scripts. Pages are tested using Microsoft IE 5.5 and Xitami virtual web server. I try to stick with HTML 4.0 and avoid fancy stuff; however, some of the HTML code does not work very well with Netscape. I have tried to maintain compatibility with both browsers, but unfortunately Netscape has fallen behind both in functionality and market share so, as much as I dislike Microsoft, I will focus my efforts on IE.

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