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Commercial Schematics


This page contains schematics for commercially-produced metal detectors. Before creating this page, I contacted several detector manufacturers and asked if I could post some of their older schematics, and could they provide any. Each one effectively replied, That's probably OK, let me check on it, and I never heard back. The reality is that many commercial schematics are already being passed around, and competing manufacturers can (and do) easily reverse-engineer each other's detectors. There are no real secrets to protect.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this area, is welcomed and encouraged to do so. I will post schematics under the following conditions:

  • If the schematic is "original artwork", then that company must no longer be in the business of manufacturing detectors. Examples are the orignal Bounty Hunter, Heathkit, the original Compass, C&G, and Detectron.
  • If the schematic is "original artwork" and the company is still making detectors, then I must have permission from the company to post their artwork.
  • If the schematic is reverse drawn from a circuit board, and not simply copied from original artwork.

If a manufacturer contacts me with a legitimate complaint about a schematic posted here (such as a redrawn manufacturer's schematic), then I will pull it.

Schematics for which modifications and comments are submitted, will get their own page.