• Inside the Metal Detector - First Edition

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    Inside the METAL DETECTOR

    ISBN 978-0-9858342-0-3
    Publication date: September 2012
    286 pages


    Chapter 1: History of the Metal Detector
    The People
    The Applications
    The Companies

    Chapter 2: The BFO Principle

    Chapter 3: Designing a BFO Detector
    Reference Oscillator Design
    Search Oscillator Design
    Mixer and Detector Design
    Headphone Amplifier
    The Complete BFO Detector
    Using Oscillator Harmonics
    Construction Details

    Chapter 4: A Simple Probe That Works!
    Search Oscillator
    Automatic Tracking Circuit
    Construction Details

    Chapter 5: Induction & Coils
    Magnetic Fields
    Induction Balance
    Eddy Currents
    Search Coils
    Mineralization Effects

    Chapter 6: Principles of Induction Balance
    Transmit Frequency
    What the Experts Say
    So What's Best?
    Power Supply
    Evaluation of Initial Design Decisions

    Chapter 7: Target Discrimination
    Phase Demodulation
    Motion Versus Non-motion
    Discrimination With an Analog Detector

    Chapter 8: Transmit-Receive Detector
    Transmit Oscillator
    RX Amplifier
    Audio Output
    Power Supply
    Construction Details

    Chapter 9: Designing an IB Detector
    Stabilized Power Supply
    Transmit Oscillator
    Receiver Preamp
    Designing a VLF IB Detector with GEB
    GEB and DISC sampling
    CMOS Analog Switches
    Motion Mode of Detection
    Audio Oscillator, Chopper and Amplifier
    A Little More Info On Discrimination
    Automatic Battery Check Circuit
    Battery Pack
    The Completed Prototype
    Initial Setup Procedure
    Real World Testing
    But Can We Do Better?
    Improving the Design
    Comparator Operation
    Detector Calibration
    Real World Testing (again)
    In Conclusion
    Construction Details

    Chapter 10: IB Coil Experiments
    Experiment #1: MD-3030 10" Concentric Coil
    Experiment #2: Fisher M-scope 11" Concentric Coil
    Experiment #3: Garrett Crossfire 8" Concentric Coil
    Experiment #4: Troy 9" Concentric Coil
    Experiment #5: Viking 6DX Double-D Coil
    Constructing Homemade IB Coils
    Double-D Coil Experiment
    Double-O Coil Experiment
    Concentric Coil Experiment
    Omega Coil Experiment
    Step-by-Step Instructions for Constructing a DD Coil

    Chapter 11: Pulse Induction Principles
    PI Transmit
    PI Front End
    Digging in Deeper

    Chapter 12: Pulse Induction Designs
    PI Design 1
    PI Design 2
    PI Design 3
    PI Design 4
    Bonus: PI Design 5
    Advanced Topics
    Power Supply
    Ground Balance
    Really Advanced Topics
    Construction Details --- PI-1
    Construction Details --- PI-2
    Construction Details --- PI-3
    Construction Details --- PI-4

    Chapter 13: Long Range Locators
    Why Dowsing "Works"
    Dowsing Tests
    Empirical Results
    "Passive" LRLs
    "Active" LRLs
    MFD Theory
    Treasure Auras
    Photographing Treasure Auras

    Chapter 14: Pistol Detector
    Ferrite Receiver
    TX Circuit
    The Sky and Compass Effects
    Detecting the Anomaly
    The Front Panel Controls
    TR Mode of Operation
    Nulling the Ferrite Coil
    But Does it Actually Work?
    Meaning of TOTeM
    Construction Details

    Chapter 15: Loose Ends
    Multi-frequency Design
    Myths & Fallacies
    Is it an antenna?
    The Halo Effect
    Metal or Plastic Stem Bolt?
    Electrostatic Shielding
    Power Output
    Coil Sensitivity
    The Concentric Ring Experiment
    Component Marking Standard
    Electromagnetic Terminology
    PC Boards

    Appendix A: Air-Cored Coil Calculator
    The Visual Basic Version
    The Tcl/TK Version
    The Javascript version

    Appendix B: Resources
    Web Sites
    Magazine Articles


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    ISBN 978-0-9858342-0-3

    George Overton & Carl Moreland, co-admins for the Geotech web site, are proud to announce their new book Inside the Metal Detector. ITMD is not another "how to use a metal detector" but rather a look inside to the operating principles and electronics that make a detector work.

    ITMD not only explains theory but offers numerous experiments and projects that demonstrate the theory. You can build an off-resonance pinpointer, a GEB-discriminator, and a microprocessor-controlled PI detector. Even if you're not inclined to build a detector, the concepts learned from ITMD will help you better understand how your own detector works and what all those controls are really doing.

    ITMD is $34.95 and can be ordered as follows:
    USA *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    Canada *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    Other Americas *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    Asia, Australia *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    Africa/Middle East *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    UK *****OUT OF PRINT *****
    Europe ***** OUT OF PRINT *****

    Please note that both George and Carl have sold out of the First Edition of ITMD. It is possible that either Kellyco or White's Electronics still has copies available. You will need to contact them directly.

    We are working on a Second Edition of ITMD. When it is available, we will post the information here.