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Thread: Homemade sidescan - there's light

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    Jussi Guest

    Default Homemade sidescan - there's light


    Just to encourage people in their own projects, here's a screenshot of the software I've written to control my sidescan - also designed and built by me (in other words: tho whole system, both hw and sw, is 100% own design and construction).

    At one point I thought I'd start selling transducers, electronics and software (+mechanics) for people who'd like to build a working sonar. I just don't know how much people would be willing to spend, and what would be reasonable price level (and could the price cover all the expenses and development costs). Well, we will see how things turn out...

    -Jussi, Finland


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    Robert Gecy Guest

    Default How much?

    I am interested. This was going to be my next project, but I would rather build a proven design. Let me know what kind of money you are talking about.

    Robert Gecy

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    Dan Guest

    Default Re: Homemade sidescan - there's light

    Tried to send email to you but
    returned undeliverable.
    Is this correct email.

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    Charles Guest

    Default Re: Homemade sidescan - there's light

    I have emailed him a few times over the last couple of years and he has never returned an email. I don't think he really has anything. He shows pictures on his website, says he designed it, but never returns emails.
    Good luck,

    Click Here

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    Jussi Guest

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    "Undeliverable"?? That is right address. Please try again, and we'll see how things work.


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    Jussi Guest

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    Dear Charles,

    I'm sorry if you're disappointed. Here's the whole story:
    I put up the web-page just to courage people with their own projects. I just wanted to prove that it is possible to build someting working from nothing, that's all. The fact is that every single picture on my web-page is from my homebrewn sonar (and there are many, many more). Both HW and SW are of my own design. I started with a white sheet of paper in fall 1999, now after thousands of hours of hard work a smile is starting appear on my face because of the results. I don't care what others think - whether peple think that the pictures are just crap, or "I really haven't got anything". I know that my hard work has payed off and I now have a fully working fully digital sidescan, and that's it.
    If you happen to be in Finland some day and have some spare time, please feel free to stop by and see what I've come up with.

    I've received quite a few emails ever since I put the webpage "online". Therefore all the sidescan-related mail goes now to their own folder, which I do not read every day (in fact I can't read that account from every place, as it's in the University's Unix-system).
    Now when you compare how much effort and time it has taken to build this little baby and how many emails I've received, it really isn't that hard to figure out that either you spend your time in front of a computer reading emails or sit in your lab building a sonar - you can't do both things (or at least I haven't had time for that, as I have many other things to do too).
    Now that I checked my emails, I see that you sent me mail March 31st. Sorry, haven't replied... I'll do that personally.
    Someone whose name also appears in this forum said to me once that when I put up a web page, I'll start getting tons of email (and all kinds of email). At first I didn't believe him, but now I do.
    I still think it is a good manner to put contact information to a web-page, so that when pages are printed out, origin-/copyright- information moves along with the paper versions.
    I'll try to figure something out. I really don't want to annoy people, just to motivate them with their own projects.

    I was thinking that maybe I'll start selling individual components or "kits" to people who'd be interested in my design. But right now other much more important things have taken 150% of my available resources, and everything is postponed.

    Jussi, M.Sc. EE*

    (*Almost, I will hopefully graduate this spring)

    p.s. Oh, here's the latest status info:
    The summer is here, Last fall I thought that I would've had time during the winter to improve the design, but I was wrong. The spring came sooner than I thought, and so did the diving season 2002. I've just packed everyting up again (with the same old design flaws), and I'm ready for action with the old workhorse. Improvements will just have to wait.
    Maybe next winter I'll have free time to fix things up. Or maybe not...

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    mondotom Guest

    Default Re: Homemade sidescan - there's light

    why does the image show shadows thrown by the objects?

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